A Registered Dietitian

“Starting a new business was scary, but Shay was there to guide me through and direct my marketing and social media strategy. They not only developed a professional logo for me, but also provided food photography training and social media posting expertise. My business has grown exponentially as a result of her input. Having an expert that is responsive and effective to guide my decision making is invaluable.”   

–Mary Ellen Phipps, RD, Owner of Milk ‘n Honey Nutrition


A Photographer's Second Career

"Merit Media was an instrumental resource for me as I launched my photography business. Incorporating my style with her expertise, Shay designed my website, logo and watermark which exceeded my expectations. I utilized her coaching to fill in areas of marketing and social media I was unfamiliar with, and now have a growing business."

--Martha Dethrow, Martha D. Photography


An Artist and Maker

“Hiring Merit Media is one of the best things I’ve done for my business this year.  Shay is constantly working to promote our brand and has consistently generated effective ways to connect with our target audience.  As a busy entrepreneur, she has simplified for me a potentially chaotic realm of business, and is truly and encouragement both personally and professionally.”

–Amanda Paret, Owner & Designer, Amanda K. Jewelry


A Brand New Non-Profit

"Merit Media is a fantastic small business that gives personal care to clients. Shay has a unique ability to intently listen to her clients while building and supporting their dreams.  I always come away from a meeting full of hope and energy about my own business because of Shay's enthusiasm and strategic suggestions. "

--Kris Habashy, Founder of Connecting City to Farm


An Established Non-Profit

“Running a non-profit requires us to be constantly engaged through many channels with our diverse audience.  I would hate to think of the time it would take away from our important work if we did not have Merit Media to keep all of our social media and PR channels open.  Social Media requires constant, quality communication, and that is what you get with Shay Paulson.  Thank you, Shay!”

–Bryan Johnson, President, National Infusion Center Association