How to Streamline Your Business with Merit Media's "Efficiency Analysis" Program

How to Work More Efficiently

At Merit Media, we provide a service called “Efficiency Analysis.” While it may be a fancy-sounding term, the goal of an efficiency analysis is simple: to increase the productivity of your business.

How exactly does Merit Media help you become more efficient in your business?  

  1. First we get to know you.  This package includes a one-hour phone or face-time chat to hear about your biggest three stressors.
  2. After clarifying where you need the most help, we will return to you with a downloadable PDF that is a Customized Action Plan that will boost your productivity.
  3. And then, we check in with you at one and two weeks via email to help hold you accountable for getting this plan in to action.  If the goals are more involved and will take longer, we'll work with clients to determine the most beneficial times for a check in.




We have also helped clients with the following issues, and can help you do the same:

  • Streamline the shipping for your product(s)
  • Automate welcome emails
  • Take payments more easily & in a way that works best for your business
  • Schedule social media
  • Create a Plan for your social media by drafting a Content calendar
  • Finding your Biggest time wasters or areas of hangup.

Curious to know more from clients we've been able to help?

Client Reviews

"I utilized her coaching to fill in areas of marketing and social media I was unfamiliar with, and now have a growing business." - Martha Dethrow, owner of Martha D. Photography

"Shay has a unique ability to intently listen to her clients while building and supporting their dreams.  I always come away from a meeting full of hope and energy about my own business because of Shay's enthusiasm and strategic suggestions. " - Kris Habashy, founder of Connecting City to Farm

My business has grown exponentially as a result of her input. Having an expert that is responsive and effective to guide my decision making is invaluable.”  –Mary Ellen Phipps, Registered Dietitian, Owner of 

What does this Efficiency Analysis Include?

With this service, we will take your top three stressors and find ways to streamline your efforts and help you work smarter, not harder.

This service includes:

  • 1-hour phone or face-time chat
  • Customized Action Plan that will boost your productivity
  • One and two week check in emails

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