Top 10 Reasons to Design Websites with Squarespace

I often get asked why I choose Squarespace to design websites. It’s a great platform that is simple to use, and it always adds other features to make the platform even more robust.

My Top 10 Reasons for Designing with Squarespace

  1. Squarespace offers a backend that is user-friendly - a must-have! (no clunky plug-ins that have to be updated)

  2. You can buy a custom domain right in SS and it is seamless, so there’s no linking it from GoDaddy or BlueHost (but we can do that if you’ve already bought a domain elsewhere.)

  3. SS provides beautiful templates that are easy to customize for each client (each site is unique); there’s NO CODING REQUIRED!

  4. They offer excellent customer support via phone, online chat or email (this gives me peace of mind)

  5. Every template is mobile-friendly, so we don't have to worry about a site appearing incorrectly (a must for Google rankings and more importantly, User Experience)

  6. SEO is built in to the platform. Ultimately, it's about being aware of how you name files, links and captions. I include a 10 point checklist for my clients on the best way to maximize those benefits on Squarespace.

  7. It is easy for me to transfer previous content from a Wordpress site over to Squarepace, so it eliminates those kinds of headaches.  (Who needs more headaches?!)

  8. Analytics are built in and available to the website admins.  This includes blog traffic, mobile vs. desktop usage, number of subscribers, referral sources, search queries, popular content and detailed user activity.

  9. Latest updates: email marketing now integrates right in to SS

  10. Instagram Ecommerce: now you can tag and sell products from your SS store on Instagram

I highly recommend Squarespace to each of my clients because most of them are looking for those types of user-friendly benefits. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about this platform and how we can build a website that you can manage with ease.